What's included.

Everything you need to be a successful expert, freelancer, speaker, coach.

  • Premium badge and preferential listing on our marketplace.

  • Skills and showcase workshops, plus coaching to bring your profile to life

  • Community workshops and activities, social networking and genuine laughs

  • Huge premium online learning facility

  • Human concierge to help with profiles, listings and support you anyway we can

  • Your listings in our weekly sales newsletter

What makes Elevate different?

Elevate is growing day by day with the best speakers, trainers, facilitators, and coaches worldwide, to deliver customized on-demand help for businesses globally. We seek to be a rigorously vetted group that any organization can access, to gain outside help for any and every conceivable business challenge.

  • We are a community that cares for one another

    We support each other, purposefully, intellectually, and objectively to create income not just for ourselves, but our community.

  • We create demand for Experts and Speakers

    Instead of joining the herd and chasing existing vacancies for speakers and conferences, we create demand for you. We do this by recruiting CEOs and SVPs of billion-dollar enterprises using our Breakthrough Strategy, understanding their needs, supporting their personal profile, and offering active solutions based on those specific needs.

  • We understand your needs

    We understand that generating personal income and serving a higher purpose in global knowledge, are not mutually exclusive.

What does our Subscription include?

In order to manage our own costs as a business, we’re currently offering the following services for a fantastic value of $19.95 a month.

  • Business development, the opportunity to be directly involved in our Enterprise Sales

  • Membership Support: Assistance through email, LinkedIn, and the Elevate 3.0 website!

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy

  • Peer Group Strategy & Exclusive Networking (Access to our weekly Skills, Strategy, and Breakthrough Workshops

  • Access to our eLearning website (Elevate 2.0) with over 500+ masterclasses including topics like DEI, leadership, mental health, business skills, and more

  • Secure payments through our Stripe Platform

  • Invoicing

  • Video editing and upload, page building, and image development.

  • LinkedIn post promotion (Video post, Article post, Image of you + quote post, Elevate.ac page shout-out)

Risk-free Subscription

Join our community of experts, coaches, speakers, and trainers that deliver applied knowledge and share insight and vision that can’t be bought or read from a book.