What is Artificial Intelligence?

The simple way to describe AI is 'the ability to recognise and connect patterns'.

  • Learn the applications of AI, from solving problems, to composing music, to understanding people.

  • Get to grips with terminology such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, adversarial networks, and much more.

  • Comprehend how AI can be incorporated into your business. Understand how computers learn, and how they help support, accelerate, enhance, but don't replace humans.

Your Program

  • 1


    • What is AI?

  • 2

    What Does it all Mean?

    • ...Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks ...

  • 3

    Fun and Games

    • AIs Love to Learn by Playing - and Beating - Humans

  • 4

    Natural Language Processing

    • How Machines Understand Humans, and Introducing the Turing Test

  • 5

    Image Recognition

    • Training an AI to Help Radiologists, Shark Hunters and Marine Biologists

  • 6


    • Supermarkets, Railroads, Weather Reports and Changing the Future

  • 7

    How to Use AI at Work

    • First...Find a Problem That AI Can Solve

  • 8


    • Bias is a Risk...It Can be Built into AI Unconsciously

  • 9

    The Fabulousness of AI is Our Big Chance...

    • Optimising Process, Manufacture, Supply Chain, Speech, Cars...Gives Us More Time to be Human

  • 10

    Artificial Intelligence - Course Questions

    • Artificial Intelligence


Learn the applications of artificial intelligence.

Your Instructor

Ömer Atiker

Ömer Atiker is an established expert on digital transformation. As a consultant, he advises mid-sized and large companies during transformational change. Ömer is also an international keynote speaker for both internal change related events and congresses. Executive Coach Frank Asmus called him “The Dad of Digital”. His client list includes Audi, BASF, Bayer, Dräger, Hermes, Kyocera, Merck, Mitsubishi, Randstad, Satorius, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Volkswagen. Ömer has written three commercially published books on digital transformation. His fourth book “Smart Transformation Hacks” was published in June 2020. He lives in Freiburg, Germany, close to France and Switzerland.

Guest speakers

Ann Hiatt and Justin Anderson

'AI is a thing-labeler'

(Recognise and connect patterns).

"As 'natural intelligence', AI detects patterns and logically connects them to form an understanding: you show it something and it tells you what it sees. Could be words in a sound file, the name of a song, a cat in an image, obstacles in front of your car...AI simply recognises what is there".

The application of AI has a lot to offer

(The options are endless).

"From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars and cleaning robots, AI is already everywhere. It is used to improve processes and the use of resources, to automatically translate texts and sounds, to detect spam emails and calls, or even to make machines more 'human'".

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