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Diversity Advisors.

Elevate is inclusive from the ground up, and success will be defined by equity and communicability of the values we share with our members.

Laura Mae Lindo

Dr. Laura Mae Lindo (she/her/elle) is a respected activist and educator who holds both a Masters and PhD in Education. Committed to centering the most vulnerable in all she does, Dr. Lindo's work is enhanced by her acute knowledge of how to put anti-oppression theories into practice. A courageous public speaker, Dr. Lindo is known to take on issues often left unaddressed by the mainstream. From philosophy to politics, and from the academy to the community, Dr. Lindo grounds her practices in gratitude and love.

Sabrina Kuhn

Dr. Sabrina A. Kuhn is currently involved in several projects including being a healthcare executive, hosting a podcast, providing relationship coaching, and various consulting projects. She has worked in Quality for the last 15+ years in a managed care environment, the provider community, and city government. She has spent 7+ years in Public Health and the last 25 years in behavioral health. Dr. Kuhn has also served as an adjunct professor, is a certified Cultural Competency trainer, and holds a yellow belt certification in LEAN Six Sigma for Healthcare. She has worked in every level of care from the state hospital to owning a private practice. She received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Temple University in 2011. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, live music, and her biggest joy is spending time with her husband and six-year-old son.


Stephanie Olson

Stephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, and the CEO of The Set Me Free Project and holds a degree in Psychology. Her experience includes 10 years of curriculum writing and development for women experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, and alcohol and drug addictions; 12 years of educating women in the area empowerment and intrinsic value; 10 years of educating youth in healthy relationships, the dangers of human trafficking, and social media safety. Stephanie has had extensive training, research, and study of human trafficking prevention education and social media safety. Stephanie is also a sought-after speaker on the subject of women, youth, and human trafficking. Stephanie is also a sought-after speaker on the subject of women, youth, and human trafficking. In her straightforward and delightful manner, Stephanie has a unique way of communicating and enriching the lives of people of all backgrounds and cultures.

Leadership & Strategic Advisors.

A deep knowledge of business and strategy from consultative and multinational experience.

Bill Welter

William R. Welter is a consulting-educator with over 50 years of experience spanning four separate careers: military, engineering, consulting and education. He’s a founding Principal of MindPrep Resource Center, specializing in helping middle managers, business leaders and professionals become better thinkers and leaders. He does this through writing (5 books and counting), workshops, team facilitation, and one-to-one coaching.


Bob Eckert

Bob Eckert is Founder at New & Improved. His focus is on helping organizations harness and develop the innovative brain power of their people to deliver new and improved results. He has been globally impacting the creativity/innovation world for more than 30 years. A sought after trainer and speaker, Bob uses his organizational design experience to make change efforts stick. Fast Company calls him an “Innovation thought leader” and he has been quoted in publications such as Forbes and Inc.com. He has written extensively about innovation leadership in both Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts and More Lightning, Less Thunder: How to Energize Innovation Teams.Bob is also a Certified Tree Farmer, and a Wilderness Guide at Adirondack Adventure Base.

Dan Cockerell

Disney's Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort is the largest and most popular theme park in the world with more than 20 million guests each year. As Vice President, Dan lead a team of 12,000 cast members and was responsible for daily operations. In addition to overseeing operations, he worked on annual financial planning and long-term master planning for the Magic Kingdom. Dan is It is now travelling the world sharing that experience as a keynote speaker, author and leadership coach.

Global Reach Advisors.

Touching all points of the compass, we ensure our content matches needs and wishes of Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

David Singleton

David Singleton is ‘The Restaurant Man’, as for over thirty years he has worked in the hospitality business; running businesses, creating new brands, building teams, advising leaders around the world. He’s run and advised small entrepreneurs to some of the world’s biggest innovators and most advanced leaders. But in recent years he has broadened his CV working with retail giants, applying his lengthy career to mentoring, coaching and advising on a number of industry boards. David moderates, speaks, writes, advises and mentors across the hospitality and services sectors on a global scale.

Tamzin Lovell-Miller

Tamzin founded Artfundi, a global art management platform, in 2018. Through her background in brand and business strategy, Tamzin combined her passions to focus on digital transformation in art. She owned her own gallery and was surprised that an intuitive, digital capacity to track and manage provenance, collections and gallery databases simply didn't exist. Tamzin's deep experience in marketing, including six years at SAB Miller, is coming into play as she expands Artfundi worldwide.


Mark Oliver

Educated at Cambridge University, followed by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Royal School of Military Engineering, Mark began his career as a combat and chemical engineer. He quickly started to get a greater interest in human performance and leadership. His first role was in the Britain’s 5 Airborne Brigade, where he was a jungle warfare and helicopter-abseil instructor, and qualified demolitions officer for 11 years before moving into the business world for twenty years. An author of three books on motivation and leadership, Mark has taught in multicultural environments with 60 different nationalities across six continents. He brings a comprehensive analysis to the field of high performing teams through his insights into motivational leadership. He also advises on talent management and assessment, and coaches executives on the finer points of human performance in business.