... are not always the most famous.

We curate a diverse mix of world-class speakers, CEOs and passionate experts. They have glowing reputations in their own countries, communities or specialisms. We're taking them global.

  • How much does it cost to watch Elevate masterclasses?

    We charge $9.95/month for access-all-areas membership, just like Netflix. The price is industry competitive, and our content is best-in-class. Click MEMBERSHIP at the top of the page for more.

  • Why should people pay for content when I can get anything I want for free?

    Our mantra: "information is free, transformation is power". The internet is littered with bad content which does contain knowledge. We believe if transformative inspiration is delivered by an inspirational instructor, looking right at you, with very high production values, and you can track progress, we believe those that can, will pay for this premium delivery format. In the end - you vote with your click.

  • Where is Elevate based?

    Our expert members are located majority in the USA and UK and we also have contributors from the Middle East and Africa, and we are expanding rapidly. The company is incorporated as a Limited Company in the United Kingdom. We transact in US dollars as a global currency, and we shoot everywhere in the world.

  • Do I need to pay a membership fee to get started?

    No. If you wish to produce a masterclass with us, you must genuinely believe you have a fresh, future-focused vision. We must believe you are investable, fresh, and different. Please start by enrolling in our Production Essentials program, click PRODUCTION on the bottom menu.

  • How do I earn money from my masterclass?

    We split net earnings 50/50 with our expert speaker talent. "Net" means after costs of production are taken into account, and any charges for money transfer. For our own benefit and yours, we try and keep costs of production very keen indeed, while maintaining the highest quality possible, in the circumstances we find.

  • How does filming work internationally?

    Elevate producers and directors are freelance hires who we trust, with great track records, from all over the world. We typically assign a producer to you, who may be out of state or even country. If videographers are required/permitted, they come to your location. Directors remotely manage tech with videographer. In all cases we discuss production direct with talent to get the best possible outcome.

  • Do you publish sponsored content?

    Some of our masterclasses are sponsored, and they still follow a strict, knowledge-based learning format. Essentially sponsored content is indistinguishable from Elite Instructor content. (although it is free to access) We love sponsors! Producing great sponsored content allows us to run our business more effectively, and do more of what we enjoy - producing great material. Click SPONSORSHIP on the bottom menu for more.

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