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Going nuts?

So is everybody else...

Welcome to the home office

Discover how you can make the most of working from home and look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Build a comfortable working environment and become more efficient, even if you’re in your jogging bottoms.

  • Find out how to focus and manage your time to ensure you take breaks.

  • Explore ways you can digitally maintain social interaction, both inside and outside of work.

Your Program

Working from home, building productivity and staying sane.

  • 1

    Let's Do This

    • Welcome to Your Home!

  • 2

    Give It Some Attitude

    • A Question of Attitude

  • 3

    Managing Expectations

    • Sharing Sucks...or Does It?

  • 4

    A Question of Trust

    • Set Yourself Free from Anxiety

  • 5

    Constant Improvement

    • Little by Little

  • 6

    Set Your Environment

    • ...Or It Will Literally be a Pain in the Ass

  • 7


    • Kids, Devices, Clearing the Garage...and More Distractions

  • 8

    Sharing is Caring

    • Emotional Hygiene. Handwashing for the Brain.

  • 9


    • Nuance is Out, the Middle Way is Dead

  • 10

    Discipline and Dresscode

    • Signals to Yourself "It's Time to Work"

  • 11

    Body & Soul

    • Be Kind to Yourself

  • 12

    New Normal

    • Your Life Will Never be the Same Again. Rejoice!


Get a grip on the new reality, take control of your own new world, stay in touch and feel part of a new future.

Your Instructor

Ömer Atiker

Ömer Atiker is an established expert on digital transformation. As a consultant, he advises mid-sized and large companies during transformational change. Ömer is also an international keynote speaker for both internal change related events and congresses. Executive Coach Frank Asmus called him “The Dad of Digital”. His client list includes Audi, BASF, Bayer, Dräger, Hermes, Kyocera, Merck, Mitsubishi, Randstad, Satorius, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Volkswagen. Ömer has written three commercially published books on digital transformation. His fourth book “Smart Transformation Hacks” was published in June 2020. He lives in Freiburg, Germany, close to France and Switzerland.

Embrace your digital personality, and present yourself in the best light.

Trust is key to remote work

(And it makes everything easier).

“Trust has two sides. One side is you trusting someone else. That means you take them by their word, and let go. The other side is you being trustworthy. That means you are reliable, and other people can rely on you to keep your word. Your goal should be to have as much justified trust as possible”.

You need to become a pro at using your equipment

(Conferences are part of your job, so you need to be good at it).

"Nobody wants to look at your ceiling or up your nose during a meeting. Position your camera at eye-level and learn to speak slowly and clearly. When making video calls, you should have a clean background and make sure you are in a quiet space to minimise any distractions".

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