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Positivity and Young Talent

Rob wants to focus on bringing young people into engineering, digital, and the West Midlands.

  • Learn to say ‘yes’ and explore new possibilities. Keep your eyes open and your antenna up.

  • Master how to make a good impression and be recognised for your talent.

  • Discover the tools you need to transform yourself and have the confidence to pursue a new career path.

Get comfortable

(Laughter is the connection).

"Laughter, even just a chuckle, gives people the ability to feel interested, free and open. That's really important. During an initial meeting with a customer, I ask 'is there any laughter?' That little bit of laughter is your connection with that customer".
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Elevate Masterclass: Problem Solving

Featuring Rob Marchant

    1. The Components of Adventure

    1. Rise of the Robots

    1. (It's Always Right)...and it's All About the Inspiration

    1. The Story of a Chairman, and the Back Seat

    1. Open Your Mind, Raise the Antenna and Reflect

    1. The Transition from Hundreds to Thousands

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Fail fast- it's good.

(You've learned something).

"If you say NO you close the door, if you say MAYBE people might take you seriously, if you say YES and get good results, then happy days. If you say YES and fail - well, you've learned something. That's a big thing".
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Meet Rob

Rob Marchant

Rob is the founder and MD of MarchantCain Group, a specialist design and development company working for some of the world’s most famous and emerging performance car manufacturers, such as Porsche. Founded in 2006, MarchantCain has carved a niche, providing advice and solutions to makers of elite hypercars and low volume prototypes. Rob has a reputation for getting things done. After many years of experience, his methodological approach to setting out problems and overcoming them has kept the makers of the world's finest vehicles coming back for his trusted help and support.