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World leaders in hospitality

From Great to Outstanding.

Feedback from Stuart Birkwood, Radisson RED

“Here at RED Dubai we’ve had an outstanding year in 2021 but the goals for 2022 are a step up once again. Spending time with David on our STRETCH day has really helped align our thinking as a team to what could actually be achieved above + beyond the initial 2022 expectations. David brings to the table experience and an attitude of bettering each other as individuals. His casual but delving approach really gets you thinking about the ‘what could be’ as a team, business and personally. If you’re an individual or team looking to go from good to great or great to outstanding I firmly believe that a session or sessions with David will be invaluable."
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A 30 year veteran of the hospitality business.

David Singleton

David Singleton is ‘The Restaurant Man’, as for over thirty years he has worked in the hospitality business; running businesses, creating new brands, building teams, advising leaders around the world. He’s run and advised small entrepreneurs to some of the world’s biggest innovators and most advanced leaders. But in recent years he has broadened his CV working with retail giants, applying his lengthy career to mentoring, coaching and advising on a number of industry boards. David moderates, speaks, writes, advises and mentors across the hospitality and services sectors on a global scale.

Fortune favours the brave.

My key messages are simple and effective. There are always opportunities for you to build a successful business and enhance your career.

  • Be curious: Network, get to know the people in your team and develop an understanding of each other’s roles.

  • Knowledge is power: Improve your own skillset and expose your team to other parts of the business to enable them to grow into their roles.

  • Give back: Always be ready to pass on your expertise to others. Positive action rewards you in unexpected ways.

  • Empower through trust: Listen to your team, allow for errors and trust that people will learn from them.

Key talking points.

My speaking portfolio includes story telling and emphasis on positivity.

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