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Summer 2021 Cohort in Full.

Workshops and pre-production are underway!

  1. Bob Eckert, innovation thought leader, Solving Problems
  2. Dan Cockerell, ex-SVP Disney, Leadership
  3. Ed Wiley, Stanford PHD, AI and Machine Learning
  4. Ewandro Magalhães, master interpreter, AI and Language
  5. Jesper Ek, Pharma strategist, Play as a model for Success
  6. Katya Forsyth, ex-CFO, Diversity and Leadership
  7. Laura-Mae Lindo, Member of Parliament in Canada, Racism
  8. Marc Wallert, ex-hostage to terrorists, Managing Extreme Stress
  9. Stephanie Olson, human trafficking NFP, Resilience and Empowerment
  10. Sabrina Townsend, behavioural health expert, Defining Boundaries
  11. Ria Dark, mental health expert, Meaning and Value
  12. Rob Salafia, MIT lecturer and wire-walker, Adaptation and Purpose
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