Your Masterclass.

  • 1

    Flying Alone: An unaccompanied Minor

    • Surviving my childhood gave me the RESILIENCE to overcome any adversity

  • 2

    Being Superwoman 24/7 has a price

    • Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, an incurable disease at 35

  • 3

    Becoming a priority in my own life

    • Learn how to B.R.E.A.K the bad habits that lead to burnout

  • 4

    Why didn’t my own companies promote me?

    • Gender Bias is real: Men take charge; Women are expected to take care

  • 5

    Introducing the B.O.S.S Method

    • Learn how to Kick the Glass Ceiling down

  • 6

    Being the BEST isn’t enough

    • Why you need a sponsor to get a seat at the table

  • 7

    You’re not the right “FIT”

    • Take ACTION to Standardize performance measures

  • 8

    So you want to be an ALLY ...

    • Practical steps to make a real difference

  • 9

    It’s a Marathon not a Sprint!

    • Start the T.R.I.P. to great health

  • 10

    Beating the Odds

    • 5 S.T.E.P.S to overcome adversity

Meet Kat.

CFO, speaker, kick-ass

Katya Forsyth

After a career as CFO transforming the office of Finance across numerous male-dominated industries, Katya is now a Diversity & Leadership speaker and consultant, on a mission to build better workplaces for the next generation. She was the 1st female VP in her company at 33, but working constant 60+ hour work weeks, little sleep, caring for a special needs child and sick in- laws at home led to a long-term health crisis. The extra obstacles and stereotypes she faced often being the only woman in the boardroom didn’t help! Katya lives in Toronto with her husband, 3 children, father and their rescue dog Millie. She has finally made time for a hobby and makes fitness videos to inspire others to take care of their own health

Not a dumb blond.

(taking a seat at the table)

“Why are you reading those business books? You should be home reading the Kama Sutra with your husband” said an SVP early in my Finance career. Not enough has changed in the years since then. Women earn 60% of post-graduate degrees, yet are only 6% of CEO’s. I’m working to change that for all our daughters.

Superwoman met her Kryptonite

(learning how to balance it all)

I was hell bent on having a successful career and being a great mom. So, I did nothing but work and raise our kids for 10 years. Achieving my goal came with a price: a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia at 35. To get healthy again I had to learn how to become a priority in my own life.