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Getting Kidnapped.

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  • 1

    Getting kidnapped

    • The moment when terrorists turned my dream vacation into a nightmare

    • The moment when terrorists turned my dream vacation into a nightmare

  • 2

    Facing the risky jungle

    • When the “new normal” is one of hardship and uncertainty

  • 3

    Embrace the challenge

    • How to accept and handle your fate instead of struggling with it

  • 4

    When down: Think positive!

    • How to effectively stimulate your optimism and inner strength

  • 5

    Optimism can kill

    • Why positive thinking can be risky and how make stress your friend

  • 6

    Don’t lose your head. Laugh!

    • How gallows humor can save you from freaking out

  • 7

    Don’t wait, do something

    • How to escape the role of a victim by boosting your self-efficacy

  • 8

    Never walk alone

    • How to team up in a crisis

  • 9

    Prospering from a crisis

    • 3 steps to really transform adversity into personal development

  • 10

    Out of the crisis, into the future

    • How to leverage challenges such as the pandemic

Don't lose your head

When our kidnappers threatened to behead us, my stress reaction was just as unexpected as effective. As a hostage, I learned how to keep my head.

Into the jungle

True resilience is a mindset challenge far beyond optimism. Let’s take some steps together!

Meet Marc.

Marc Wallert

Marc survived a kidnapping and 140 days in the Philippine jungle - a true masterclass in resilience. He also draws on more than 15 years of international management experience, burnout included. Marc is passionate about transforming crises into personal growth. His book “Strength through crisis” became SPIEGEL bestseller in 2020 and a travel guide for many readers in the middle of the pandemic.