Course curriculum

  • 1

    How rock’n’roll got me into Big Pharma chapter

    • The company car

    • The office

  • 2

    Should I stay or should I go. The turn around at Roche Diabetes Care

    • The engagement guy

    • From no to yes

  • 3

    True leadership starts with people…always

    • the difference between a boss and a leader

    • The split. Are you a boss or a leader?

  • 4

    The Map of Leadership

    • 5 things all leaders and managers say are important

    • So which are you?

  • 5

    Leaders are present here and now

    • Listening with the intent to understand

    • Building trust

    • two musts in life

  • 6


    • For who, why and what

    • Make it into something you can see.

  • 7

    Strategy and Goals

    • Linking purpose to what you do

  • 8


    • High performing teams

  • 9

    People and Play

    • How to make employees feel part of making the world better

  • 10

    From Employment to EmPLAYment

    • Engagement, energy and e-motions

  • 11

    Brave new World

    • Emplayment is everywhere

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Meet Jesper.

Jesper Ek

Jesper is a people first leader with a Scandinavian touch. After more than twenty years of leadership experience in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science sector, Jesper took a leap of faith into the unknown, which led to his leadership mantra of emPLAYment.