Course curriculum

  • 1

    Anti-racism learning is uncomfortable

    • Most workshops leave people filled with guilt and shame. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • 2

    Let gratitude guide you

    • No matter how difficult the conversations are, remember that you’re putting love, care and compassion into the universe

  • 3

    Don't touch my hair!

    • ...and other anecdotes people mistake for empathy

  • 4

    Commit to change-making

    • It’s critical that we commit to making positive change ... by any means necessary

  • 5

    Everyday anti-racism, a practical guide

    • Recognize your sphere of influence, gather your tools and putting those tools to work

    • Everything you were afraid to ask, and practical responses in 5 minutes

  • 6

    Gather your tools and put them to work

    • try suggesting one specific thing people in your sphere of influence can do to start

  • 7

    Understand the resistance

    • Develop your vision of anti-racist change-making and share that vision with the people who trust you

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Meet Laura Mae.

Laura Mae Lindo


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