Your Program.

  • 1

    All You Have is Your Name and Your Word

    • How to Create Your Essence and Brand

  • 2

    Power of Relationship

    • 5 Keys to Built Everlasting Relationship/Partnerships

  • 3

    Commitment to Excellence

    • How You Do Anything Is How You Should Do Everything

  • 4


    • You Are Your Only Competition

  • 5

    Creating Purpose and Passion

    • Why Do We Go Through the Pain and Struggle

  • 6

    The Future is Now

    • What You Do Today Will Determine Your Tomorrow

  • 7

    A Work In Progress

    • The Best Version Will Require Growth

  • 8

    Win The Day

    • Focus On The Process Not The Outcome

  • 9

    Excellence is a Standard

    • A Choice of Lifestyle

  • 10

    Life Choices Leaves Gaps of Vulnerability

    • Life Choices Leaves Gaps of Vulnerability

Meet Desmond.

NFL star, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, Speaker, and Inspirational Business Coach.

Desmond Clark

During his 12-year tenure in the NFL, Desmond played with the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and 8 years with the Chicago Bears, retiring as the second leading Tight End in Bears history for catches, yards, and touchdowns behind Hall of Famer Mike Ditka. As a professional speaker, Desmond has spoken and consulted for companies, associations, and schools across the US. He has appeared on ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, WGN, ESPN, and other network TV and radio stations as a thought leader, author, speaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and coach.

The game plan.

(success is not an option, it's a requirement)

After 12 years of being a professional athlete and transitioning into the business world under high-level tutelage, I developed the mindset and the skillset needed to elevate not only myself but also others, to extraordinary success. I have the game plan to help you keep winning the day, while building up those who look to you to set the tempo.