Your Program.

  • 1

    What came before

    • I led a US-based team that was developing empowered youth leaders

    • We had no idea just how effective we were!

  • 2

    Creative problem solving: an Introduction

    • Every problem method invented is a rebranding of one core process

    • Let’s thin our forest to create healthy new growth

  • 3

    The Infantilization Conspiracy

    • How life as a professional empowerment trainer changed my beliefs about human development and success

  • 4

    The Change-agent’s Values

    • How humility, curiosity, courage, and tenacity have always been the root of positive human change.

  • 5

    Declaring Your Passion

    • Living the future your desire and finding “integrinators” who hold you accountable.

  • 6

    Tame the Gator

    • Managing the part of yourself - and others - that limits possibility

  • 7

    The Creative Friend Maker

    • What's the P-O-I-N-T?

  • 8

    A Universal Creative Process

    • Tapping into the scientifically-validated thinking process that creates everything that is ever 'new' or improved

  • 9

    The Mindful Creator

    • Developing a divergent mind that also knows when to choose and act.

  • 10

    Your Next Steps

    • Bringing it all together for self, others and the natural world

Meet Bob.

Trainer, Speaker, Author

Bob Eckert

Bob Eckert is Founder at New & Improved. His focus is on helping organizations harness and develop the innovative brain power of their people to deliver new and improved results. He has been globally impacting the creativity/innovation world for more than 30 years. A sought after trainer and speaker, Bob uses his organizational design experience to make change efforts stick. Fast Company calls him an “Innovation thought leader” and he has been quoted in publications such as Forbes and He has written extensively about innovation leadership in both Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts and More Lightning, Less Thunder: How to Energize Innovation Teams.Bob is also a Certified Tree Farmer, and a Wilderness Guide at Adirondack Adventure Base.

I fix things.

(yes, that’s a Leatherman® Multi-Tool on my belt)

We facilitate problem-solving sessions all over the world, for business, government and not-for-profits. We are widely respected for our ability to build innovation teams. Both for short term crisis mitigation/problem solving and for long term strategic purposes

Chart your course.

(figure out what works, and what does not)

Three successful businesses, 35 years of successful marriage, and two successful adult children. I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. I’ve had successes, and I know how they happened. Let me show you how to repeat the pattern. I want your memory of interacting with me to be “he made a positive difference in my life”