Your Program.

Shaping the future of innovation.

  • 1

    1. What kind of VUCA leader are you?

    • a. Reframing VUCA from its negative context into a positive acronym of the four guiding principles required for innovation leadership

  • 2

    Does culture still eat strategy for breakfast?

    • Why I think strategy, leadership and culture should actually eat breakfast together!

  • 3

    Leaders, you’ve got to OWN innovation!

    • Innovation is fundamentally about people, meaning the right ecosystem needs to be cultivated and that starts and stops with leaders

  • 4

    Mixing Martin Luther King and Einstein

    • If organisations want to become innovative, it starts with leaders unleashing their curiosity so their people can unleash theirs

  • 5

    Point solutions don’t solve system problems

    • Building a culture of innovation means first understanding what the elements of that system are, how to design and build them and then connect them together

  • 6

    Will yesterday deliver tomorrow?

    • The future requires leaders who can confidently lead people towards a flourishing future. So, are you consciously shaping the future or subconsciously maintaining today?

  • 7

    The 4 core innovation leadership traits

    • How does seeking perspective, solving problems, a results orientation and being supportive manifest on a daily basis?

  • 8

    Is leadership development future-fit?

    • What do leaders need in order to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s world?

  • 9

    Are you tackling your innovation blockers?

    • As leaders, the requirement for us to ‘OWN’ the innovation agenda might just start with tackling the first blocker, fear of failure!

  • 10

    The inconvenient truth about innovation leadership

    • Be brutally honest; are you capable of leading a human-centred, innovation-focused organisation?

Meet Your Instructor.

Not so long ago, culture did indeed eat strategy for breakfast. But now, shaping the future means strategy, leadership and culture need to eat breakfast together.

Cris Beswick

Cris' deep insights are based on his wide- ranging experience as an entrepreneur, having built multiple, successful businesses and startups from scratch and as a strategic advisor to corporates around the world. Cris is the co-author of the bestselling book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’, a board advisor to numerous organizations and an executive faculty member at several world renowned business schools. As a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior leaders he is passionate about helping place innovation capability and culture at the core of businesses. As an ex-designer Cris understands how to communicate innovation and how an innovation - focused culture is weaved into the very core of an organization.

The hard truth building a culture of innovation.

(and why its time t change)

I can’t think of a single instance of anyone saying to me they wouldn’t want to work in a company where innovation was a core part of an organisation's culture. Yet we still have widespread acknowledgement that innovation capability isn’t where it needs to be. And we have polarization on the culture that senior leaders think exists and the one that employees know exists. It’s time to change that, it’s time to place innovation at the core of your business.

The inconvenient truth.

(this is about changing the game)

My masterclass is going to be inconvenient but essential - in depth but pragmatic. This is about changing the game, supercharging how you lead and innovate post covid for 2021 and beyond... this is about real transformative leadership and culture.