How do I sell my business?

(feel you’ve joined an alternate universe?)

"Selling a business is hard work. This is especially true when you get surprise after surprise after surprise. You’ll eventually give up and have to start over unless you know the steps you must take. Follow my simple solution. Our simple eight-step process will have your business ready for sale and you’ll find the right people are queuing up to buy your business."
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Who's going to buy it?

Maximise your business value

(Get into the buyer mind-set).

You’ve worked hard to build a business. If you’re like most people, you want to make sure that when it’s time to leave, you want to do so with the maximum amount of value you can.

I help create extraordinary value

(Be prepared for a few surprises).

"My main focus in life has been helping private business owners create extraordinary value. I help create great outcomes using life experiences over forty years of running and being around owners - my favourite people. This program is the distillation. Every outcome is different. You might end up somewhere you never expected. I'll guarantee you won't regret going there. I hope you enjoy it."

How to sell your business.

Follow the advice of an industry leading expert.

  • Learn how to value your business and target the right buyer.

  • Explore how to protect your asset and key people, in addition to managing dashboards before you consider your exit plan.

  • Discover ways you can look after the proceeds of the sale and secure your future outside of your business.

Your Lesson Plan

Learn everything you need to know to get your business sale-ready.

Realise your own value
  • Become Operationally Irrelevant
  • Be financially (and care) free
  • Financial planning

How to make your business alluring to a buyer
  • Businesses have different values depending on who the buyer is
  • Drive improvement
  • Ready for anything
  • Learn from doing
  • Find your freedom
  • Experiment!
  • Find the right buyer

How to take control of the process
  • Firm but flexible.
  • Be strategically world-class

Recognise that your business is only as good as the people
  • Buyers want your key people (not you)
  • Lock in your management team

How to protect yourself and your business throughout the sale
  • Guarantee your sale
  • Different buyers, different transition 
  • Protect your asset
  • Avoid loss
  • Secure your investments
  • Own the building, not just your business
  • Dashboards are key

Prepare for the worst
  • Bad things happen
  • Change the rules to stay in business

What happens when the business is ready to sell?
  • Plan your transition
  • Leave your business, and discover your ‘New Normal’
  • Master delegation, and fail fast to succeed

Achieve the right deal
  • How to win

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Embrace your digital personality, and present yourself in the best light.

Your Instructor.

Josh Patrick

Josh calls himself a forever-student, an entrepreneur and a curious observer of life. Here's the roll of honor: Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Financial Transitionist®, a Chartered Financial Consultant®, Chartered Life Underwriter®, Contributor to The New York Times’ "You’re the Boss" blog. Written for American Express Open, and Huffington Post, Josh still consults with businesses he cares about, and spends as much time as he likes riding his bike, skiing and watching Grateful Dead concerts (100 and counting...).

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