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Leaders: What must you do in an ambush?

This is the adventure of a lifetime

Learn how to get to the future, and have a great time doing it.

  • Understand what is expected of you as a leader, whether you are a CEO or a frontline supervisor.

  • Discover the twelve factors of the ‘Sense Response Cycle’ and how to connect the dots to determine what is happening in the future, so you can change and adapt your business accordingly.

  • Appreciate the importance of reflection and imagination, and focusing on your organisation’s strategy rather than your industry.

Your Program.

  • 1

    Fire Hydrant

    • Every Leader is Being Bombarded With Information. Focus on What's Important.

  • 2

    The Prepared Mind

    • Centre Yourself, Trust Your Preparedness and Capability to Get Things Done

  • 3


    • Warnings at the Edge of the Mental Radar

  • 4

    Every Leader's Responsibilities

    • The Sense Response Cycle

  • 5

    Watch for Lasting Trends

    • Stay Razor Sharp Looking for the New Normal

    • Factors That You Control, and Those You Don't

    • Thinking in Bets

  • 6

    Assumptions are Killers

    • Lean and Mean...and Other Bad Business Strategy

  • 7

    How Much Risk Are You Willing to Accept?

    • When the System Breaks, Be Ready

  • 8

    Boots on the Ground

    • Get a Better View of Reality Than Big, Contaminated Data

  • 9

    Move Fast, or Be Irrelevant

    • Increasing Cycle Speed. Get it Done Efficiently and Quickly.

  • 10

    The Checklist: 10 Things You Must Control

    • We're Going to Have to Change All of Them

Your Instructor

Bill Welter

William R. Welter is a consulting-educator with over 50 years of experience spanning four separate careers: military, engineering, consulting and education. He’s a founding Principal of MindPrep Resource Center, specializing in helping middle managers, business leaders and professionals become better thinkers and leaders. He does this through writing (5 books and counting), workshops, team facilitation, and one-to-one coaching.

In the post-pandemic world, the cycle is running fast

(Your responsibility is to think and to act).

"When you look at the leaders of any organisation - big or little, team leaders, CEOs - they have to do four things. They have to sense what's going on around them. They have to make sense of what's going on around them. They have to decide on a course of action, and they have to act. And it's a cycle. You're going to do it again and again".

Spend time analysing what you have learnt

(Avoid making mistakes).

"Going back to my first career in the military, one of the things that was interesting was the military created a process of 'after-action reviews’. The after-action reviews are basically saying you've had this mission, you've gone out on this mission, whether it's a training mission or combat mission, and now you come back and you get the team together and you ask four questions. What did we want? What did we get? Why were they different? And what did we learn? If you think in terms of those four questions, that fourth one of 'What did we learn?' That's your stepping stone into the future. If you don't spend time on that, you're not going to learn. You're going to keep making mistakes".

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