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Brodmann17 are bringing automated driving to the mass market, lowering risks on the road and improving the efficiency of driving.

  • ADAS: Gain exclusive insight into Brodmann17’s ground-breaking ADAS technology. State-of-the-art accuracy enables automated functions such as Forward Collision Warning, Headway Monitoring, Vulnerable Road Users Detection and Lane Departure Warning.

  • Case Studies: Explore specific examples of when Brodmann17 have applied their AI to existing technology to optimise performance, and how their AI solutions can have a significant impact in other industries.

  • Why Brodmann17: Learn how Brodmann17 are single-handedly improving transportation, and be the first to know of their upcoming projects.

Your Instructor.

AI in Automotive

Amir Alush

Amir is an enthusiast for Algorithms coding and design. He enjoys facing new challenges. He has hands-on experience in designing and implementing algorithms in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Deep Learning working on big-data. Amir holds a PhD with his research focused on Machine Learning algorithms and discrete optimization problems with applications to Computer Vision.


Brodmann17’s advanced AI software allows fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ behaviour and increase efficiency. From examining the videos, you can see who needs additional coaching and where performance can be improved. This will also lead to a reduction in insurance and operation costs.


Brodmann17’s ADAS software solution has been designed to be compatible with existing dashcams while using a fraction of the computing power that is used by alternative solutions. Based on deep learning neural networks, Brodmann17’s AI software offers state-of-the-art accuracy which is continuously being improved.

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