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The most insane idea anyone could ever imagine

If you’re on it, nothing can stop you achieving your goals

Surfing is a lifestyle recommended for everyone; for mind, for body, and not least for the spirit of freedom.

  • Appreciate the value of surfing and the personal and environmental benefits of the sport.

  • Understand how Scott combines his passion and determination to have a positive impact on people’s lives and employment by bringing surfing to the West Midlands.

  • Discover Surf X’s technology and how this suits all levels of surfing.

Your Program

  • 1

    Introducing the Wave Pool

    • Catching My First Wave

    • How Do You Explain it to a Non-Surfer?

  • 2

    Inland Surfing

    • Why it Makes More Sense Than You Think

  • 3

    Wavepool Technology

    • The 360 Experience

  • 4

    Laser Focus Determination

    • The Spark of the Most Insane Idea Anyone Could Ever Imagine (Literally)

  • 5

    A Business Case for Leisure

    • The Business of Surf X – How the Numbers Stack Up (Without Talking About Numbers!)

  • 6

    Inspiration From Across the Globe

    • Virtual Experience

  • 7

    Secrets from SurfX

    • Invite Only

  • 8

    The 5 Waves

    • Lessons from Surf Lakes

  • 9

    Surfing. Soul Food

    • A Magical Feeling

    • Daunting Elements

  • 10

    The Science Behind Surfing

    • Subtropical Temperature

    • App Technology

  • 11

    Global Challenges

    • Mental and Environmental Impact

    • Surf Therapy

  • 12

    Find Your STOKE

    • Being Able to Catch Waves and Feel Good About It

  • 13

    Convincing the Midlands

    • We are Going to Need Good People - the Game Plan for 2020 and 2021

  • 14

    Determination and the Will to Succeed - Course Questions

    • Determination and the Will to Succeed


Learn how new technology has transformed the world of surfing.

Your Instructor

Scott Graham

Scott is a force of nature - an energy-driven entrepreneur with extensive international experience in IT, film, leisure and project management, leading corporate brands and expanding sales growth across diverse industries. One of nature's over-achievers, Scott has worked on projects for Discovery Channel, ESPN, Cinemax, Fox Sports, HBO, BBC, and many other networks. Working for NBC News, shooting sports and other events from aircraft, underwater and on land. We're not at all surprised that Scott is also a qualified UAV pilot and underwater camera operator. Scott is now a leader in digital strategies, combining the latest gadgets with trending technologies, and incorporating these into successful campaigns. Scott is devoted to building strong brands through unique product development and trend insight.

Embrace your digital personality, and present yourself in the best light.

Life is about real experience

(Screen time will get you only so far).

"Surfing is one of those sports that you need to be introduced to, and now we have the technology to bring the whole industry inland. We can start getting these kids, that would have never have the opportunity to get into surf, a facility where they can practise. There might not be any surfers in the middle of the UK, but in a few months we'll have a huge industry here".

A deep connection with water and nature

(It's a way of life).

"As a surfer, you're naturally exposed to the elements. This makes you aware of trash in the ocean, and consequently, to be interested in sustainability and making the ocean a safe environment. The surfing lifestyle promotes a greener outlook on life in general: it puts you in the moment and makes you want to do better and be better".

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