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"Steven is an example of an expert who stays humble, curious, and engaged, even after more than two decades of supporting leaders across the globe. So many good ideas and valuable take-aways for those who watch, listen, or read his work!"

- Anna Liebel, Mindshifter, Startup Mentor, Podcast Host

"Steven is one of the most moral people I've ever dealt with. His approach dealing with our business was objective, clear and to the point. Despite his expertise Steven is very approachable which makes it easy to work with him and take his advise."

- Patrick Burtscher, Weltoffenheit, Wissensdurst und Neugierde

"I have long admired and appreciated Steven's thinking and writing on leadership. It is great to see him continuing to share his knowledge through his online leadership development program, YouTube channel on leadership, and his latest books. I also witnessed how he brings leadership development content to life with his wide range of experiences, stories, and examples. He was always one of the highest-rated facilitators in our leadership development programs at HPE."

-  Todd Taylor, Professor, Business Executive, Strategist and Ally to All

"Steven was very well educated and knowledgeable on the course subjects and was able to relate each subject into a work experience. He is a highly interactive facilitator and kept us all energized."

- Supervisor, Oil & Gas Industry

"Personally, I found Steven’s training so helpful. Steven was very helpful in giving employees techniques that can help them through some difficult situations, whether it is with their peers, managers, across teams, and even at home."

 - Human Resources Director, Global Mining & Manufacturing Firm

Steven brings 35 years of senior leadership experience to the table.

Steven Howard is a dynamic, thought-provoking, engaging, and enthusiastic speaker who brings to audiences the perspective of over 35 years of senior leadership experience in Asia, Australia, and North America.
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Talking points & ideas

Steven can work with your company needs to develop talks, workshops and events:

  • Humony Leadership: Skills and Behaviors for Being a People-Centric Leader 
  • Essential Skills and Mindset Required to Lead and Grow Your Business in Today’s New Reality 
  • Burnout: Recognizing Signals, Managing Symptoms 
  • Building and Maintaining Long-Term Brain Health
  • How Stress Impacts Your Decision making 
  • 8 Keys to Becoming a Great Leader 
  • Leadership Accountability

Meet Steven

Steven Howard

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Steven Howard

Steven Howard is an award-winning author of 22 books on leadership, management, and professional development. Steven specializes in creating and delivering customized leadership development programs for frontline managers, mid-level leaders, supervisors, high-potentials, and experienced leaders. In the past 25 years, he has coached, mentored, and trained over 10,000 leaders from the U.S., Asia, Australia, new Zealand, Fiji, Canada, Africa, Arabian Gulf, Europe, and Mexico. Steven brings a truly international perspective to his leadership development programs, having lived in the U.S. for over 30 years, in Singapore for 21 years, and in Australia for 12 years. He currently resides in Southern California and Mexico City.