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What people are saying about Michel:

"Michel Venne has been a great help, both in my professional career and in my personal development. Thanks to his coaching service, I was able to understand the elements that were harmful to my development and find concrete solutions to eliminate them."

- Francis Lagarde from Solutions Fenêtres (X-Mind Project)

“We invited Michel Venne to help us out managing our stress, and feeling well at work. His mix of sharp knowledge – epigenetic notably - and best practices inspired our troops.”

- François Forget from Sid Lee 

"From our very first session, I felt a genuine connection to Michel. A true professional in his field with a gift for asking the right questions at the right time. Michel makes it easy to open up to him and offers simple, yet unique and effective ways to help you on your journey. I would highly recommend Michel to anyone wanting to feel heard and understood, he just “gets you”."

- Jenny from Battat

"He made us aware of some concrete elements on the effects of nutrition, emotions, life balance which have an impact on the body and by extension, on our well-being. More than candy, more than the "blah blah" we hear on the media, etc. We were able to see the logic of things better, which, in my opinion, equips us better to take thoughtful actions to help ourselves. A big thumbs up!" 

- Anonymous from Desjardins

"At my first meeting with Michel, I was skeptical, immediately after this visit, the doubt was completely dissipated. Michel knew how to put me in confidence and since that day I recommend Michel to several athletes of the Excellence Sports Laval program. For my part now I consult Michel not only for my physical condition, but also for my mental well-being.

Thank you for all the good you do for me."

 - Stéphane Hamel, Director of Excellence Sports Laval

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Happiness, success and fulfillment can walk hand in hand.

Through his work, Michel offers simple but powerful ways to achieve what everyone has a sacred right to: happiness, success, performance and well-being. With his experience and his science, he helps companies stand out from the competition.

« Escape from stress, illness or failure is not an end in itself, but a step that every person or company has the opportunity to take quickly. The keys are simple: think, put in the effort and immerse yourself in optimization from all angles. » - Michel Venne.

Talking points & ideas

Michel can work with your company needs to develop talks, workshops and events:

  • Ownership of your life. You are the CEO.
  • Greatness is in all of us! Where does it start?
  • How to use what we know (science and spirituality) to move toward happiness, fulfillment and succes.

Meet Michel Michel Venne

Michel is a coach, speaker and ICF instructor specializing in human optimization. His decades of experience as an international athlete, top professional trainer and osteopath combine with an industrial relations degree to give him an unmatched ability to lead others to success. He coaches leaders and professionals to improve and unite the mental, physical and spiritual aspects in a powerful combination of optimization and well-being. He is the co-founder and director of Azzuan, the first collaborative wellness center in Quebec.