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Marques wants to deliver his masterclass to 10,000 high school kids. Help us get Marques' life lessons so they can face an uncertain future with confidence.

Your program

Poised? I'm going to teach you to pivot.

  • 1

    What came before

    • I played professional football in the NFL

    • Then I lost everything

  • 2

    Finding my true direction

    • Resolve and inspiration, from the bottom of the pile.

  • 3

    Introducing the pivot

    • How I found my compass and how you can use it

  • 4

    Reload 2021

    • My fresh take for a new decade

  • 5

    "P" is for Poised

    • don't start until you are well grounded

  • 6

    "I" is for Inspire

    • Don't just sit there - create your burning energy

  • 7

    "V" is for Victory

    • The mindset thats going to set you on a path to win

  • 8

    "O" is for Observe

    • Watch everything around you, and understand how it impacts your mission

  • 9

    "T" is for Tactics

    • Execute with clarity, knowing you're grounded, aware and ready to roll

  • 10

    What's next for me?

    • Speaking became my passion

    • Talk to me!

Meet Marques.

Been there, smashed it ... back for more.

Marques Ogden

A retired NFL player, Marques Ogden achieved maximum success as a professional athlete, followed by notoriety in corporate America, then catastrophic failures that cost him everything he owned in just ninety days. In the face of crushing defeat, he identified and put into action the traits required to rise from the ashes and find success again.

My NFL career.

(I flew, I conquered)

When I started out I had my head in the clouds, but I worked hard, and got paid as a professional football player. The problem was, without me knowing I lost sight of true value and meaning.

Times got tough.

(I got going).

When I hit rock bottom, the only way was up... and I created the beginnings of my way out. PIVOT focuses on your "why" and teaches you to avoid other people's noise. PIVOT prepares you to achieve your goals, and don't ever give up. I want to make sure these same lessons get into the minds of our youngest and most vulnerable kids, in a time where their own image and digital noise is warped and often bewildering.