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"I have had the pleasure of partnering with Frank in our volunteer work with POPPA throughout the years I have witnessed Frank display a high degree of integrity, responsibility and aspiration. He would always be the leader of our group. He retired from the NYPD in, 2007 and shortly thereafter became a dad to a beautiful little girl who he adores. A pivotal time in his life yet his drive and desire to helpful human beings by the experience he had during those years, of change. His astute judgment, and mature outlook in ensures a logical and practical approach to his endeavors.

It is an honor and pleasure pleasure to provide a wholehearted endorsement of my partner in saving lives."

- Evelyn M. Figuera, LCSW-R, Bilingual Clinical Psychotherapist

"Frank is a one of a kind speaker who completely brings you in with his enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge. He has forever changed how I process information and how I apply it. I strongly recommend listening to him speak!!"

- Gina Bishop

"Frank Iovine has a dynamic personality.  When you hear Frank you will be drawn to his passion and positivity.  He has an ability to convey his message in a clear, concise and understandable manner.  

He captivates an audience while delivers inspiring and thought provoking material. Frank is a must have!"

- Dennis O'Leary

"Frankie has made me want to continually reach for higher heights that I’m interested in getting to.  His speaking on present day life and the Stoics is exceptional.  When ever I’m done listening to him, I’m rarin to go.  I often perform in front of crowds of people (singing) and I use his motivational talks to get out there and do it."

- Gary Utah, Singer Performer

« We all have the ability to be compassionate and be empathetic to others, and we all want to help others in their time of need. But sometimes we are not aware that a friend, loved one, or co-worker is suffering deeply or experiencing dark thoughts. » - Frank Iovine.

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Frank Iovine is a passionate speaker who uses his decades of experience in community leadership and counseling to help enlighten families and co-workers about the importance of self-care and mindfulness. He follows the philosophy that life is meant to be lived, not just simply watched.

Becoming aware of simple phrases and behaviors that signal that dark thinking and are the first step toward offering help.

Frank will teach you techniques for identifying someone who might be in the midst of a troubled time in their life, and guide you to unlocking the gifts of listening and understanding, and offering and offering meaningful assistance at a crucial times.

Elevate Masterclass: Mental Health

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    1. De-catastrophize

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Frankie is Speaker - www.frankieispeaker.com Frank Iovine

Frank inspired others about the significance of mental health awareness throughout his twenty-year career in the New York City Police Department. As a police officer, he helped to create outreach programs that provided mentoring and healthy activities for young people in the community. After being promoted to Detective, Frank’s work with victims of violent crime and other tragedies exposed him to the devastating effects of mental health crises and the need for suicide awareness in the workplace as well as at home. In retirement, Frank focuses on his work educating on self-care and mindfulness, he is an avid practitioner of meditation and yoga, and is completing his first Italian cookery book, "Meals and Memories with Nonno"