What people are saying about Anna:

“We met Anna when our company was experiencing significant strategic and operational developments. Anna supported the management team as well as other team members.

 Thanks to her invaluable process of inquiry and her guidance, we were able to map out and implement several successful internal initiatives and to define our roles to best serve the company’s interests.”

- Magda Wagner, CEO - Bearstone Global

I highly recommend Anna to gently help you move through the obstacle that's standing in your way. Anna has such a gentle and caring way about her, she listens and lets you be yourself, and then asks a question... just one, that shifts everything. She really is highly skilled and amazing at what she does. If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed or stressed out, Anna is there to help you out and I can not recommend her enough.”

- Claudia De Voogt, Business Owner - claudiajuliet.com

“Anna has a great eye for details and a fantastic sense of communicating with big focus on execution and performance.”

- Laura Louise Kristensen, Creative Director – Top Toy As

“I contacted Anna because I was exhausted both physically and mentally after a very intense year. I needed someone that could coach me to take new actions in my life. Or in my case, maybe take less action and be more gentle and understanding with myself.

 Anna has a lovely coaching style that made me feel heard and safe. She let me talk most of the time, and then all of a sudden she asked a question that really made a shift in my thinking. If you have an opportunity to be coached by Anna, just do it!”

- Åsa Lindam

Anna delivered for the following brands:

Reaching your goals and having a work-balance can walk hand in hand.

Through her work, Anna helps high-achieving professionals reach their goals AND have a work-life balance. Anna teaches a combination of leadership theory, positive psychology and neuroscience, all rooted in a mindful awareness of us being human beings with an INFINITE potential.

« Life is short, don't waste a day being in a situation where you are not happy, without trying to change it. » - Anna Nordengren.

Talking points & ideas

Anna can work with your company needs to develop talks, workshops and events:

  • How to achieve more with less effort and more joy.
  • How to free up time and energy in your busy schedule.
  • 5 pillars of a Sustainable Leadership.
  • Flowability - where happiness and productivity meet.

Meet Anna

Pink Competitive AB - www.pinkcompetitive.se Anna Nordengren

Anna is an Executive Coach and Speaker with 25 years of experience in leadership, marketing and business consulting. She is an ICF Coach, an NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Yoga Teacher. She is also a mother of 3 children, now teenagers. Her mission is to bring all her experience and insights to inspire and help people make changes they are longing for to reach their goals, both in life and in business. Her academic background is an MSc in Business and Economics with an international degree from Lund University in Sweden, and an Executive MBA from the same University.