Elite Membership

Available to exceptional speakers, experts and coaches. Risk-free application while we evaluate each-other. Substantial package of services and support, plus sales of live speaking, hybrid content, business lead generation and more.

What is Elevate?

We collaborate to win you new business, and get a return on your investment.

We help Elite Speakers like you to get more paying events, (by relentlessly driving leads, pushing inbound enquiry and engaging our own in-house network of 35,000 professionals), save money, and collaborate with other members. As an Elite Speaker, you're busy enough focusing on staying up to date in your field, and being great at what you do. The challenge today in a virtual/hybrid world is you must stay on top of promotion, digital optimisation, social media, lead generation, event management, video production, and much more... just to be seen and heard. We help hundreds of members do just this, while relentlessly generating new business for you. Serious about membership? - Grab a coffee and have a chat with one of our Elite Members.

Are you prepared to invest in yourself?

Elevate Elite Membership is open to exceptional professionals with experience, wisdom, and that something extra. We drive new business to you, and collaborate on paying projects. If you want to find out more, dive in.

  • Lead Generation: We use inbound, SEO, outbound and live virtual events to develop leads, integrating with enterprise pro versions of Calendly, Typeform and Stripe to monetise Lead Gen and get you serious customers.

  • Enterprise Sales: For speakers and experts we package video and live virtual events globally. We charge 15% of speaker engagement fee.

  • Our Own Events: We curate and promote our own virtual, actual, collaborative, and hybrid events, to support Elite Members.

  • Peer Group Strategy & Exclusive Networking: Our entire Membership support events, participate in workshops, and drive your business forward.

  • Page creation, SEO optimisation, hosting, support, reporting, social media activity on LinkedIn, stock photography, media management, e-commerce.

  • Personal and group coaching, strategic support, collaboration, live workshops, courses in new media and digital transformation.

  • Access to World Class TV production, directing with guaranteed output, videography, editing - at unbeatable prices and quality assurance.

Check out some of our speakers for yourself!

We are working with over 100 elite professionals, growing every day. Click on our Home Page to discover more.

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