Pricing options

A substantial package of services and support, plus sales of live speaking, hybrid content, business lead generation and more.

Done-for-you service for the very best.

Elevate Elite Membership is available to exceptional professionals with experience, wisdom and that something extra.

  • Lead Generation: we use inbound, SEO, outbound and live virtual events to develop leads, integrating with enterprise pro versions of Calendly, Typeform and Stripe to Monetise Lead gen and get you serious customers

  • Enterprise sales. For speakers and experts we package video and live virtual events globally. We charge 15% of speaker engagement fee.

  • Our own events: We curate and promote our own virtual, actual, collaborative and hybrid events, to support and pay Elite Members.

  • Peer group strategy and exclusive networking. Our entire membership support events, participate in workshops, and drive your business forward

  • Page creation, SEO optimisation, hosting, support, reporting , social media activity on LinkedIn, stock photography, media management, e-commerce

  • Personal and group Coaching, strategic support, collaboration, live workshops , courses in new media and digital transformation

  • Access to world class TV production, directing with guaranteed output, videography, editing, at unbeatable prices and quality assurance.

Our Live Events.

Meet our speakers, participate and learn more about what we do.

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