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We're looking for world class speakers globally.

We carefully curate the best content in the world. If you have the chemistry, charisma, content and community, we want to work with you. If you have a positive spirit, and something unique to say which points forwards not backwards, please register free on the link above and enjoy our production essentials program. At the end of the one hour program, you will be able to submit your masterclass proposal with our support.

  • Our guarantee: No upfront charges, no costs of production charges, no hidden charges, no "pay-to-play".

  • We pay 50% net earnings for the life of your masterclass. No hidden fees, no clever business models to extract money.

  • We produce masterclasses in stunning HD or 4K video, graphics and photography. It typically covers your specialism, refreshed and revamped, in 10*8 minute chapters, plus social clips and professional TV ads.

  • We invest substantially in YT and FB marketing using your masterclass promos and footage. The results will build your audience and your own social profile and viewership

  • You have IP rights to use clips, lessons, ads, transcripts, images in your own social promotion. Great amplification for your YouTube channel, Linkedin presence, cause or vision.

  • We have completed and produced masterclasses including CEOs, an NFL star, footballers, a futurist, leadership speaker, inspirational podcaster, global branding guru, tech evangelist, and many more.

  • Elevate is not elitist, we simply look for great people and great stories. We embrace diversity in all its forms including geography. We can shoot anywhere in the world.

  • Subscribers gain unlimited access to your masterclass, plus 100+ world-class speakers for $9.95/month

Elite. Not Elitist.

Authenticity, transparency, no bullsh*t.

Elevate is an independent TV/learning channel for personal development, inspiration and action. Elevate is better than YouTube learning because our masterclasses speak to your people, in an intimate first person style, with premium production, build layer by layer, actually provide value to your life … and you can keep track of progress. Our premium platform features some of the most inspiring, genuine talent in the world you will identify with. Our instructors have actually lived in the real world, been there, got the scar tissue, the medals … and know their stuff. Elevate is a commercial for profit business operating globally. We curate and produce independent of third party investment, and rely on our growing tribe of members, elite contributors and the occasional sponsor for support. We also give away all-access passes to charity, students, unemployed and underprivileged. I hope you enjoy what we have built, and you consider joining us.

We found a way.

Right though lockdown Elevate produced 17 masterclasses with great people all over the world. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Digital transformation, now a necessity, has informed what we do and defined us as a company.