Elevate Investment Opportunity

Our latest ASA* is a great opportunity to be part of Elevate before we seek significant funding and exponential growth.

Why we need investment.

We're looking to create the World's best marketplace for elite professionals in terms of financial returns, community benefit, prosperity and happiness.

  • 2019 Robert Clarke founded Elevate, and built to 100 elite members selling masterclasses and speaking opportunities. He worked with a UK team and successfully won a contract from UK Government
  • 2021 Founder Investors in the US committed over $100,000 to grow to a sophisticated risk-free platform of 150 elite professionals in the US, Mexico, Middle East, South Africa and Australia Elevate now enables secure transactions, ratings and reviews 
  • 2022 we started making money with over 250 listings, and  a pipeline of over $300,000
  • September 2022 We will raise an additional $250k at a discount to market value, from members and outside investors, using the Advanced Subscription Agreement process. The ASA means we can put the money to work immediately. We will use the funds to employ dedicated enterprise sales professionals, a greater level of support, improve the functionality of the platform, and create more opportunities for you to sell and be successful. 

Mapping the future of work.

We firmly believe we are a living and evolving crystal ball into the future of work, which is evolving to include all experienced workers not just in a single "job" but a portfolio of opportunities

Learn more about investing by reading our Pitch Document

We need great investors like you to come in smart, get to know us, encourage, and give the accountability to win.


All your questions on our investment will be answered here.

  • What is an ASA?

    An Advanced Subscription Agreement allows companies to raise funds on-the-go before a formal funding round is undertaken, at a better rate of investment to reflect the early stage in order to attract founders, interested parties and early adopters. The intention is for investors to pre-pay for shares that will be allocated during a subsequent funding round at a discount to the pre-money valuation as stipulated in the Advanced Subscription Agreement.

  • Is it debt or equity?

    Investment into a company via an Advanced Subscription Agreement (ASA) is purely an equity agreement. Unlike a Convertible Loan Note (CLN), monies invested through an ASA cannot be repaid in cash. As such, an ASA is equity whereas a CLN can technically be both.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • When will I receive my shares?

    Shares are usually issued on the next funding round subject to the company hitting a pre-determined target as set out in the ASA. Should the requirements not be met, come the Long Stop Date, the number of shares that will be allocated is determined by the Long Stop Price.

  • At what price will the investment convert?

    The price at which shares will be allocated is usually determined by the next qualifying funding round as stipulated in the ASA. This will either be at a discount to the price per share of that round or there will be a stated maximum share price at which it can convert

  • What if the company is sold before a qualified funding round?

    In the event of a sale of the company prior to a qualifying funding round, shares will be allocated just before the funding round at a discount to the sale valuation – as stipulated in the Advanced Subscription Agreement