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  1. 1
    • Where I came from, and my football career

    • Hitting rock bottom

  2. 2
    • Lessons from rock bottom

    • The unbreakable mindset

  3. 3
    • How I found my compass and how you can use it

    • Routine, Time Mangement, and Eliminate Procrastination

  4. 4
    • Reload 2021 and the silver lining

  5. 5
    • Don't start until you are well grounded

Meet Marques.

Been there, smashed it ... back for more.

Marques Ogden

Marques Ogden

A retired NFL player, Marques Ogden achieved maximum success as a professional athlete, followed by notoriety in corporate America, then catastrophic failures that cost him everything he owned in just ninety days. In the face of crushing defeat, he identified and put into action the traits required to rise from the ashes and find success again.

Marques Ogden LIVE.

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This session is all about you. Gather a group, with friends or colleagues, or an entire work department. Marques will spend up to 90 minutes of live, personal time coaching and applying everything he's learned to you. Fully concierged by our team at Elevate, and guaranteeing the highest quality Zoom experience.
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Times got tough.

(I got going).

When I hit rock bottom, the only way was up... and I created the beginnings of my way out. PIVOT focuses on your "why" and teaches you to avoid other people's noise. PIVOT prepares you to achieve your goals, and don't ever give up. I want to make sure these same lessons get into the minds of our youngest and most vulnerable kids, in a time where their own image and digital noise is warped and often bewildering.
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