A love story between technology & humanity

A program on how to re-learn to use technology.

  • Learn how we got here and the true meaning of technology in our lives

  • How to make sense out of it all ... in your role as individual, company or brand

  • What next? How the fourth industrial revolution affects all of us.

Change happens here.

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Your program.

The fundamental reasons why you must follow this course.

  • 1

    How technology affects behaviour

    • A complex relationship

    • A love story between technology and humanity

  • 2

    Tech-induced human transformation

    • reset your understanding of technology and where you fit in

    • How we see values in the new reality

    • How digital took over one step at a time and what it really means.

  • 3

    We are not using technology ... it is using us

    • Understand the truth behind digital transformation

    • Gain the right understanding of technology

    • It's all H2H

  • 4

    How to succeed

    • Acknowledge the insult to your intelligence

    • Orientate the paradigm of digitization to your advantage

  • 5

    Collecting vs. connecting

    • Discover the value of relational capital

    • Want me to follow you? How about giving me a reason?

    • Quantity vs quality and the 'friend' perversion

  • 6

    Your personal brand and how to succeed

    • We are permanently on display

    • Authenticity is the key

    • Key aspects of your brand to focus on

    • Make digital channels work for you ... not you for them

  • 7

    The fourth industrial revolution

    • Why and how everything will merge and what it means for you

    • Exploiting technology to rehumanize the world

  • 8

    My origin story

    • A 'criminal' enterprise that showed me the transformative power of technology

Meet German.

Digital pioneer, author, speaker ... storyteller

German Ramirez

German is one of the select few who can truly claim to have been in at the birth of digital revolution. He is a digital pioneer and entrepreneur with 25 years of international experience in building successful brands and businesses as well as in developing and implementing integrated marketing and communication strategies. He has been dealing with digital technologies and innovation since before Google was founded. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, German is an author, thought leader and sought-after speaker at leading universities and international conferences on topics such as digital strategies, social media, blockchain, marketing, digital transformation, the future of work, entrepreneurship and innovation.

It's all about mindset.

(open up to change, reap the benefit)

Everybody speaks about digital transformation. In reality, digital technologies are just a catalyst for change. What we are witnessing is technologically induced human transformation.

Transformation? I prefer metamorphosis.

(sticking wings on a caterpillar doesn’t make a butterfly)

I completely disagree with those who say that you cannot build true connections online. You can, but you need to want it, and put in the commitment and effort. I'll show you how.