Calling all Speakers.

(November 2020 call out).

If you have landed here as a keynote speaker, through our selection process, don't worry! Our sponsor page will give you an idea of costs involved and the care we take over production. But it does not apply to you. We waive costs of production and ongoing Elite subscription for our elite speakers who bring skills and wisdom to Elevate, and attract new audiences. 

Done for you.

Creating trust, chemistry and engagement is hard without physical contact. Embrace your digital personality, and present yourself in the best light. Here's what we do.

  • Consult with you to determine your precise objectives and produce a strategy.

  • Produce your masterclass in stunning TV quality video, and publish on our channel.

  • Commission, brief and direct professional photography.

  • Project manage, do the geeky stuff to make sure you're target optimal and creatively polished.

  • Targets register, watch and learn who you are, what you know, and who you represent.

  • We track engagement through reporting and live analytics, and personally target the right people.

  • Discreet introductions of resulting qualified leads.

  • Amplify key messages on social media and influence decisions.

  • Network with Elite members all over the world, enjoy exclusive live events.

  • Premium learning content accessible for all your people.

Exclusive membership for business elites

We do the work, you focus on being you. Digital video production, asset development, analytics and engagement reporting, developing new business.

Fly everywhere in the world.

(without moving a muscle).

Business development used to involve travel, and Powerpoint. "Can I send a deck?" you would say. Did you ever know if it's actually read, let alone understood? Elevate produces intelligent "masterclasses" featuring founders, CEOs and leaders, which literally does the business development for you.
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Imagine you own a branding agency

Prospects meet the best "you".

We never saw this coming.

(let's go to work)

It seemed clear when we founded Elevate to serve business leaders, that the future would have to change. Travel fatigue, climate responsibility and spiralling costs were becoming unsustainable. Now we live in a COVID world. More than ever you must deliver key elements of yourself, your wisdom and your knowledge without travelling. We believe the pixel-new is much better all round than the atom-old way of doing business.

Meet Megan.

New York City

"Right now, the stakes of our businesses feel higher than ever. This time, though frightening, is a rich opportunity to invigorate our brands with strength and longevity. Right now I want especially to support businesses across the world in hospitality and retail that are suffering badly. I trust our friends at Elevate. The critical benefit of my Elite Membership is control (I like that!). If I want to offer special deals to people in need, I can. We move as a team, day by day".
Megan Kent

Do I trust you?

(Be you. We'll do the rest).

Seeing the 'whites of your eyes' is an elemental part of any human-to-human engagement. Whether you are selling, buying, socialising, or inspiring ... you must first communicate trust, empathy and engagement. Grainy YouTube and badly lit Zoom calls might work for some, but not for you. Our team transforms your knowledge and wisdom into a beautiful and sophisticated digital portfolio, starting with a masterclass, in return for a simple monthly subscription. You focus on being great.

Meet Ömer.

Freiburg, Germany

"I became an Elevate member in 2019. As a speaker, I chose Elevate to compliment my digital portfolio which already included several books, podcasts and courses. I was lucky, because the phone stopped ringing for my speaking slots. The team at Elevate have reproduced digital versions of my portfolio in TV quality, and I'm still doing business. I'm proud to be supporting my home country and people across the world with knowledge, inspiration and a bit of fun too."

We shoot beautifully.

(and remotely).

The world is only just waking up to the commercial potential of rich content. We throw a saddle on the technical capability with creative flourish, informality and even a light sprinkling of irreverence. All Elevate Elite Members are treated to professional photography and TV quality production in HD or 4K, lighting kits, sound amplification ... the works. The coolest part? We direct and produce anywhere in the world using the latest tech, avoiding the need to travel. Our producers, directors and editors are seasoned professionals with experience in TV, music video production and feature films.

Meet Tamzin.

Cape Town, South Africa

"I came across Elevate right at the beginning of 2020 when my global art management business was just taking off. Post pandemic? I will need to manage my digital profile more than ever. I don't think travel is going to recover quickly, but I must still be everywhere, all the time. The art industry will wait for no-one."

You make it look easy.

(we work twenty four/seven)

Every Elite Member page is managed and promoted by our fabulous human team, plus the very latest in LMS, AI, machine learning, NLP and other robotic process automation and interoperability tools. Software alone at this level would cost thousands of dollars a month for each member if undertaken independently. Making it look this effortless requires a tireless attention to detail and process. (that's our job)
artificial intelligence

Meet Ann.

Valencia, Spain

"I worked alongside Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt for a total of 14 years. By the time I was done, I had literally been everywhere, and learned from the best-of-the-best. Elevate Elite Membership perfectly compliments my two-book publishing deal. We're currently in pre-production of my new Elevate Foundation Course in leadership".

Customers learn about you.

(you'll know about it)

"Send me a deck" was the phrase we dreaded most. People must have time to learn about you, but if your digital brochure is just left on the digital shelf, will you ever know? We employ the most sophisticated learning management systems applied to business development. Customers literally "learn" about you. We use the world's best software to capture, track, encourage and report engagement. On completion of your masterclass, we make personal introductions as filtered, qualified leads. All within transparent data security conditions.

We used to do this.

(It was fun while it lasted)

There's no substitute for a handshake, a lunch, and a stay in a fabulous hotel with staff alert to your every whim. You built bonds, often friendships, celebrated victories, and racked up air miles. Everyone smiled scripted smiles, you had the latest carry on luggage, the security-proof slip on shoes, got fast-tracked, and occasionally you even got some sleep, between sips of fine wine on your fold out flat bed. Bliss.

Hang on a minute ...

(Let's say it got a bit old)

Business travel became outrageously expensive. You had to fly coach at least on short haul, to show solidarity with your CFO. The Four Seasons became a rare event. Join the herd my friend. Airports became overcrowded and dangerous. You became bitter, you never got the upgrade because you arrived late, and your company never thanked you for coming back empty-handed. Business travel was killing our planet. Thousands of hours away from family and friends you'll never get back. Miss it?

Physical (real) meetings are for big decisions.

(don't travel unless you are closing)

Thousands of dollars of company cash, and days away from the family. Travelling to meet decision makers was a lottery any amount of preparation would never improve. You might control who was in the room (good luck with that), but you'll never know if the key person was briefed, prepped, or in a good mood. You ironed your favourite shirt, got there 30 minutes early (after flying half way across the planet), sipped your coffee in a deserted meeting room, until ... a deputy arrives, apologetic, ill-prepared, misinformed and time-starved. Even if the meeting went well you had 40 minutes delivering basic information before you get to the discussion. Meetings are for big decisions. For everything else, there has to be a better way.

Free your mind.

(Now you can travel everywhere)

Imagine the only business travel that ever happens in future was to close a deal. All the upside, and none of the hard slog. Happy you, happy planet, happy CFO. Put your thoughts, messages, killer ideas, words of wisdom, words of power ... into Elevate. Don't harbour restrictions on time and place. Instead Invest your limited time in a digital profile that can travel everywhere, to 5 key decision makers, or 500,000 young minds, at the same time, all of the time. While you focus on the truly important, Elevate has your back.

Build trust, share knowledge.

(business will follow)

Good business starts with building common understanding, trust and honesty. To succeed, you must allow people to discover you in their own time, and business will follow naturally. It's possible to do this digitally. Share your experience, wisdom and passion for your business. Then, (only then) carefully introduce what makes you distinctive. Do not sell. Selling comes after trust is established.

Who is Elevate for?

  • Business leaders, targeting to complex target audiences and interest groups in multiple languages. 
  • Ingenious start-up entrepreneurs who will share knowledge and reputation while driving interest direct to their new creations.
  • Thought leaders who wish to amplify their own expertise and drive reputation, leading to speaking engagements, consulting, collaboration.
  • High achievers having reached their own mountain tops, wishing to share wisdom and knowledge
  • Globally recognised experts who want to use a sophisticated tool to amplify their message and reputation, and directly drive revenue from course sales

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Done for you: Digital content production, targeting and qualified lead development

Exclusive membership for business elites

We do the work, you focus on being you. Digital video production, asset development, analytics and engagement reporting, developing new business.